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Security Matters

See info on various security related matters:

Anti-Bullying Resources & Links:

CA Dept of Ed Safe Schools:
Safe Schools Information

Donating to Charity:
Helpful security tips from the FTC

Homeland Security:
If you SEE something, SAY something

Neighborhood Watch:
City of Lancaster
City of Palmdale

LA County Sheriff's Dept:
Dial 9-1-1 for EMERGENCIES!

California Highway Patrol"

National Terrorism Advisory System:



 Ten Health Tips can Keep You Safe !

High blood pressure can affect an individual's health in the many ways and can contribute significantly to increased risk of heart problems. High blood pressure is defined as having a systolic (top number) blood pressure of over 140 and a diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure of over 90. Having a high blood pressure puts your body at risk for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

In many cases, blood pressure can be naturally lowered without the use of medications. The Mayo Clinic has offered 10 suggestions to control blood pressure through simple changes to your lifestyle.

Lose extra weight, especially around the middle. Extra weight can lead to increased blood pressure. Weight around your midsection, specifically, puts you at a higher risk (women with measurements above 35 and men with measurements above 40 are at high risk).

Get active. Recommended daily exercise for most adults is 30-60 minutes minimum. Getting regular exercise can reduce your blood pressure by 4-9 mmHg in as little as 3 weeks!

Eat healthfully . Eating more whole grains, fruits, and low-fat dairy and cutting down on saturated fat and cholesterol can work to lower HBP by as much as 14 mmHg.

Cut salt. Decreasing sodium by even a little can reduce blood pressure by up to 8 mmHg. Aim for less than 1,500 mg of sodium daily if you have high blood pressure.

Limit alcohol intake. While limited alcohol consumption can actually lower blood pressure in some cases, overconsumption (more than 1 drink/day for women and more than 2 for men) can raise blood pressure.

Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke. Nicotine can raise blood pressure by as much as 10 mmHg for one hour after smoking, meaning constant smoking will lead to constant high blood pressure.

Limit caffeine. Doctors recommend limiting coffee intake to two cups per day, even though caffeine's role in HBP is still being debated.

Relax. High stress levels can temporarily increase blood pressure. Try to find new ways of reducing stress and coping with your stress in a healthier way.

Remain vigilant. Monitor your levels and see your doctor regularly to check in.

 Maintain connections. Get support from your family and friends and ask them to help you remain committed to taking steps to improving your health.

Target Solutions - Online Safety Training

Online Training

Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to providing every employee the necessary information and training to avoid injuries and to deal with HR related issues in the workplace. Our goal is to provide training programs that will help each employee stay healthy, work effectively, understand our company policies and result in a positive training experience for each employee. With this in mind, management has decided to adopt the PreventionLink™ Internet-based training and compliance program in 2010, which will be run by TargetSafety/Target Solutions. Please follow these simple instructions to access your training.

How do you get started taking courses?

You may notice this is a new link = It is the same program. The site has updated security features!

Login Instructions and Password Tips

If you have not yet validated your email as your Target Safety login:  First you’ll enter your old training program username (your first initial and last name) with your training program password. (The original default password was the word "password" but you'll use whatever password you created for the training program in 2010)  then it’ll walk you thru the process of entering your school email address, and doing the new password recovery questions, etc.  Your login will be your school email address from there on out!

If you forgot your password, you can send an email to for  "Online Training Password Reset".



More Tips and Instructions:

New employees will need to register a new account. As a new employee, right after you have your new school email account set-up and working, please send an e-mail to Chris Jarrett in the AVUHSD Personnel Services Department to to request your user name to be activated in the program. You must have your school email address working first as it will be used in the process to validate your login for the training program. 

Current Employees: Go to the login box at the Target Solutions website above.  If you have not yet validated your email as your login, you will need to enter your first initial and last name,  and enter your existing training program password,  THEN YOU MUST DO THE NEW LOGIN PROCESS USING YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS!    The temporary password is "password".   After you login, you will be asked to set security questions so that you may recover your account in the future and it'll walk you through the process of entering your school email and changing your password.  You should update the temporary password to a permanent password that you prefer best.  Some usernames may be different from the suggested format above due to hyphenated name, multiple names, same names, etc. (IE same initial and last names bridget jones, ben jones, bob jones).   Please email for further assistance or call the toll free number at 800-840-8048.   You cannot keep duplicate accounts as it will not let you procede!  Email Chris Jarrett to request a merge of the accounts so all your completions are kept together.   CLICK HERE FOR HELP DOCUMENT PROVIDED BY TARGET SOLUTIONS   Once you have validated your school email address, you can also update your password and your profile under MY PROFILE which will appear in the upper right hand corner of your training program screen AFTER you have logged in.  For example, perhaps you change school sites, you can update your new school site there.  Check it out sometime!  :)


As in prior years, the 3 modules *"Sexual Harassment" training, "Workplace Diversity" training, AND "Reporting Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (Child Abuse) Prevention" training due yearly for ALL employees and teachers no later than October 31st. Additionally, there are a myriad of helpful modules which you may find useful...and you get a nifty certificate to keep! You may click on any modules from your Self Assign Tab. Leadership and Administrative Supervisors, you will be doing the annual two-hour Administrator-Level Sexual Harassment Training which you’ll click on from your Self Assign Tab and is also due by October 31! 

Thank you for your participation in this important program!  
Program Inception June 2010.

Personal Safety Tips

AVUHSD is committed to providing a safe and secure school environment for employees and students.  In light of recent events across the country, please take a moment to consider your OWN security.  Some helpful tips are provided below for your general information relating to personal security. There are many informational sites available on the internet than may help you and your family.  For example,  UC San Diego has  great tips including security in and around your home, while driving, while on the telephone, in an elevator and more.

Information courtesy of University of California, San Diego:

Apartment or home -  Install and use locks on your doors and windows. Keep doors locked day or night whether you are home or not. Know who is at the door before opening it. Insist on seeing an ID from anyone you do not know. If someone comes to your door and asks to use your telephone to call for help, offer instead to make the call.  Door-to-door solicitation should be avoided.  You should never open your door to it at any time.  At home, or when out, give your home a "someone is home" look. Put radio and lights on a timer. Maintain good lighting around entrances. Leave spare keys with a friend, not in accessible places. Keep emergency numbers near the telephone.

Driving a car  -  Have your keys in your hand as you approach your car. Lock your doors when driving and after parking. Check the backseat and floor before entering your car. Keep your valuables out of sight, under the seat, or in the glove compartment or trunk. Park in well-lighted areas. If you have car trouble, signal for help by raising the hood or tying a handkerchief to the door handle.  Remain in your car with doors locked until identifiable help arrives. Should another motorist offer to help, roll down the window slightly and ask them to call the police or an auto club. Keep an emergency kit containing a flashlight, flares, telephone change, distress signs, and other essentials in your car. To protect your car, use a lock bar that prohibits the use of the steering wheel. Consider also the installation of an alarm system, ignition by-pass, or fuel shut-off switch in your car.

On the telephone  - Be wary of telephone surveys. If you receive a threatening or obscene telephone call, hang up. Contact the Police Department and make a report. Answering machines are useful in screening calls. Your outgoing message should not say that you are away from home. 

Self defense - If someone tries to snatch your purse, let it go. Most injuries from robberies occur when people resist during purse snatches. If you are attacked, whether you resist and how you resist will depend on your personal resources and your personal values. Give some thought right now to what you would do in various situations that could arise. The more you have thought ahead, the more likely you will be to act in the way you have planned. In considering your reactions to different situations, keep these three basic rules in mind:

Trust your instincts.  Don't be afraid to be impolite or make a scene; this is especially important if someone you know threatens or attacks you. Try to remain calm and use your good judgment!  See the website for more. 


"Sexual Harassment" training, "Workplace Diversity" training, and "Reporting Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (Child Abuse) Prevention" training are required to be completed by OCTOBER 31 YEARLY.  You'll start the required courses from the Self-Assign folder by clicking "SELF-ASSIGN" and then "Launch Course".   The system records your completion dates, so please be sure you complete/repeat the 3 trainings yearly.

Administrators must do the administrator-level (2 hour mandated) sexual harassment training by the same date. Perhaps these can be done on minimum days or student free days. The training modules can be read through at your own speed!  You do NOT need a flash player nor sound/speakers. When you start a module, click on the CONTINUE TO COURSE button and proceed by clicking the arrows to move the pages!  

You can view all your completions and print certificates if desired from the MY HISTORY link to your left. You do NOT need to send any certificates as the Personnel Department will get a roster style listing of completed courses. The MY ASSIGNMENTS link will show you any courses that you have started and are in-the process of completing.

If you need help, please send an e-mail to with your login/password question! :)

Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to providing every employee the necessary information and training to avoid injuries and to deal with HR related issues in the workplace. Thank you for your participation in this important program!



Suggestion Box

If you have any suggestions for training or other helpful resources for colleagues you would like to share, please email

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