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2012-13 Volunteers of the Year

This Year's volunteers of the year by school site!

Antelope Valley High School
Rochelle Garrison

Eastside High School
Carol Edmonds

Highland High School
Ann Low

Knight High School
Wendy Fullmer

Littlerock High School
Evelia Thoms

Lancaster High School
Tina Barnes

Palmdale High School
Kenneth Kochanski

Quartz Hill High School
Cristina "Tika" Burns

Volunteers of the Year 2011-2012

 The Association of California School Administrators proudly presented the ACSA Golden Apple award for outstanding volunteer service to the following individuals!

Antelope Valley Union
High School District


AVHS: Kenya Johnson 
EHS: Jeffrey Eaton 
HHS: Ann Low

KHS: Kathleen Hill
LHS: Jeff Briggs
LNHS: Nikki Condra

PHS: Maria Tess Rabaja
RRX: Barbara Parkhurst

SOAR: Esther Maddox
QHHS: Suzi Jackson


golden apple vol.jpg

Volunteers and Coaches

How to Apply?

Thanks go out to all our employees, coaches, and parent volunteers, drivers, chaperones and volunteers in all activities and athletics! Character and fair play are learned through sports and the various clubs and activities.It is your interaction with our students that helps to make a difference in many, many young lives.  
We are thankful for all you do!

For any coaching or volunteering at a high school, you must first APPLY DIRECTLY AT THE SCHOOL SITE (listing to your right)!  The school principal must sign your completed packet first, and he/she will send it to the District Office for the official approvals and authorization. You will then be further contacted by a Personnel Department Technician to come-in and complete the clearances required for the particular position.  Do NOT try to obtain fingerprint or drug test clearances on your own forms or from other agencies as we won't be able to accept them.

For security of all our students, please note, YOU ARE NOT cleared to be at a school in any capacity until you receive authorization FROM THE DISTRICT OFFICE. All fingerprinting, drug testing, board approvals and applicable clearance via the ASCC takes some time to process through the state. If you have been asked to coach or volunteer, please DO NOT DELAY in submitting your packet to the school site! 


  • FINGERPRINTING: After a recommendation for any type of volunteering or any recommendation for coaching employment is made, all volunteers AND employment candidates are required to submit to fingerprint testing. You will be required to pay for the service. The AVUHSD Personnel Office will submit the fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation for analysis*. The present rates are $32 for DOJ only, OR $49 DOJ and FBI.  The payment is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of clearance status. *FBI: Any candidate must submit to FBI if you have resided outside the state of California for more than one year OR if it is required for the position you are processing for.  Do not proceed unless you have been directed to do so by the Personnel Office. The Personnel Office technician will set an appointment with you to have your fingerprints recorded via "Livescan". This process requires prior authorization with specific and proper forms. Do not proceed on your own unless you have been directed to do so by the Personnel Office. All offers of volunteering and/or coaching are contingent upon successful clearance as required by California law.  We are not allowed by state and federal laws to accept clearances you have obtained on your own or from other agencies.
  • DRUG TESTING: Drug testing is also required for ANY COACHING, ADVISOR or VOLUNTEER POSITION. The technician will also arrange an appointment for the employment candidate to have a drug screen. You will be required to pay for this service. The present fee is $46. The fee is NON-refundable regardless of clearance status. This also requires prior authorization and proper forms. Do not proceed until directed by the personnel office technician.
  • ACTIVITIES SUPERVISOR CERTIFICATE: PAID COACHES/ADVISORS that do not already hold a teaching credential will be required to obtain the California State Activities Supervisor Clearance Certificate (ASCC). The fingerprint non-refundable fees are $49 for this service (due during finger printing) AND then another $72 must be paid to the state via their website. You must do the online state application WITHIN 30 days of having your fingerprints rolled. The personnel office technician will advise the entire process to you and set appointments as necessary for your livescan appointment with the proper forms and state information.
  • CPR/FIRST AID:  Any coach, must obtain and submit proof of CPR/FIRST AID certification.  The school site secretary will give you information on how to complete this training.
  • CIF AND CONCUSSION TRAINING: Any coach, must obtain and submit proof of CIF Training AND Concussion Training.  The school site secretary you apply to will give you information on how to complete these training.  Depending on the type of coaching, there may be additional state and regional requirements.  Talk to the Athletics Secretary at your school site!   Aside from being in violation of District Regulations, please keep in mind that failure to obtain all certificates may make your team ineligible and can negate wins per the state and regional athletic association's rules!
  • TB TEST:  Anyone working around children at a school must provide evidence of freedom from tuberculosis. You may obtain tests for free from the county or from your own medical provider. Click here for further information regarding TB Tests.
  • DRIVER:  NO ONE is authorized to drive high school students unless you have been approved by the District Office.  Current faculty and staff must also be pre-approved for driving. You may request the Driver Application Form from your school site secretary. The form will list the necessary items you must supply (such as a particular DMV printout, valid California Driver License, Insurance information, etc ) which you will submit to your school site secretary. The secretary will send your paperwork to the District Office for further processing.     


PLEASE NOTE, AVUHSD does not make any money nor profit from the clearance process fees you pay. The technician which handles your Livescan does NOT make any earnings nor credits of any sort from the clearance process. The technician that handles your fingerprints has already been specially cleared beforehand by the state of California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to roll fingerprints via the Livescan computer.

AVUHSD does not keep the fees you pay. All monies you make payable to AVUHSD on the money order are forwarded by district accountants directly to the state DOJ, FBI and/or medical agency for the clearances you are having performed. All fees are non-refundable regardless of clearance status as the fees you pay GO TO the state DOJ, FBI, and/or medical lab for drug testing. The rates listed are the fees as charged by the state DOJ, FBI or medical agency, and are subject to change. We can accept money orders only and the technician will advise you the correct amount to obtain on the money order at the time of processing. (For security purposes we do NOT accept cash, no personal checks, no private company checks, no atm/debit, no credit cards ). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Personnel Services Office technician. We look forward to speaking with you!







AVUHS District Administrative Offices
44811 Sierra Highway, Lancaster CA 93534

(661) 948-7655

AVUHSD High Schools

Antelope Valley High School 44900 Division Street, Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 948-8552 Fax – 945-8867

Eastside High School 3200 East Avenue J-8, Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 946-3800 Fax – 946-3850

Highland High School 39055 25th West, Palmdale, CA 93551
(661) 538-0304 Fax – 538-0405

Knight High School 37423 70th East, Palmdale, CA 93552
(661) 533-9000 Fax – 533-0111

Lancaster High School 44701 N. 32nd West, Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 726-7649, Fax – 726-7694

Littlerock High School 10833 East Avenue R, Littlerock, CA 93543
(661) 944-5209 Fax – 944-5191

Palmdale High School 2137 East Avenue R, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 273-3181 Fax – 273-1093

Quartz Hill High School 6040 West Avenue L, Quartz Hill, CA 93536
(661) 718-3100, Fax – 943-8203



Continuing and Alternative Education Programs

AV Adult Education 45110 3rd Street East, Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 942-3042 Fax – 948-0846

AV Adult Education South Valley 1212 East Avenue S, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 575-1012 Fax – 575-1077

Academies of the Antelope Valley (661) 948-7655 EXT 230 or 286.
Email: ;

Desert Pathways 6300 West Avenue L, Quartz Hill, CA 93536
(661) 722-4421 Fax – 722-4752

Desert Winds Continuation 45030 3rd Street East, Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 948-7555 Fax – 948-5947

Phoenix CDC South 2270 East Avenue Q, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 274-4619 Fax - 274-9543

Phoenix CDC North 228 East Ave. H-8, Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 729-3936 Fax – 945-2253

R. Rex Parris South Valley 38801 Clock Tower Plaza Dr., Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 274-1230 Fax - 274-1168

ROP 1156 East Avenue S, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 575-1010 Fax – 576-1037

SOAR 3041 West Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 722-6509, Fax – 722-6583