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Classified Personnel (Non-Teaching)

Job Information


The district fills positions subject to Board and Cabinet review. View Classified Job Vacancy Announcements by clicking the link below. We are unable to hold resumes nor unsolicited materials outside of a posted announcement. Be sure to read the desired qualifications, information  and note deadlines carefully. All non-teaching positions require a minimum of a high school diploma/ged.   
 Click here for Classified Job Vacancy Announcements  

The Antelope Valley Union High School District is committed to offering an employment and educational environment free from discrimination with respect to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, gender, actual or perceived sexual orientation, or any other unlawful consideration.   

Employment Examinations and Sign-Up Information

►Our district covers all public comprehensive high schools in the Antelope Valley plus the A.V. Adult School and Desert Winds Continuation Schools. For a general listing of our schools, click the "Schools" link at the top of your page. The district maintains a non-teaching, support staff of employees in the general fields of Clerical, Instructional Aide, Maintenance, Custodial, Computer Technician, Security, and Food Services.

►Paraeducator, Clerical, Security, Custodian, Cafeteria and Instructional Aide positions are hired and filled from employment eligibility lists.   With budgetary concerns in-mind, registration MAY or MAY NOT be offered three times per year on a rotating basis for some, all or none the lists. Registration forms may be available during the posting periods at our district office. You cannot register outside of a posted vacancy announcement.  You should view the Classified Vacancy Announcements online for registration opening dates and deadlines. 
Be sure to read the desired qualifications and information carefully.  All non-teaching positions require a minimum of a high school diploma/ged. 

If you do not sign-up AND test, you cannot be considered. You will need valid photo id with you as no one may register nor test for you. It will be helpful for you to fill-out the forms if you have all your pertinent employment history such as dates of former employment, supervisors names, job titles, dates covering all periods of unemployment, schooling, etc. During your registration, you are welcome to submit a resume in addition to the basic test registration form - please keep in mind that the form must be filled-out completely on both sides; resumes cannot take the place of filling out the form. Incomplete registrations or application packets will not be considered.  If you do not register, you will not be considered nor have any scores carried forward. You will be given a receipt listing a date and time for you to take the required exam. You must take the exam or roll a score forward to be considered further. Other positions may be offered as needed.


►When posted, most job announcements will be available for sign-up for a period of about one week.   It is the candidate's responsibility to meet deadlines.  We cannot accept late registrations.  CHECK THE DEADLINES CAREFULLY SO YOU DO NOT MISS OUT!  Likewise, late arrival for any testing session is NEVER allowed to avoid disturbances to candidates in session.  

You must check the "Classified Vacancy Announcements" link frequently for updates of exact registration opening dates and deadlines of all job postings! 

  • Custodial, Cafeteria Helper, and Campus Supervisor (Security) Employment Eligibility Lists TESTING:  
    SIGN-UP DURING 1st WEEK OF: MAY, SEPTEMBER AND JANUARY. Dates may change so check the Classified Vacancy Announcements frequently!    Please note, beginning with the May 2014 lists, ALL TEST WILL BE NEW which means EVERYONE MUST SIGN-UP and TAKE THE NEW TESTS!  Old scores will NOT roll forward.
  • Instructional Aide/Paraeducator and Clerical Employment Eligibility Lists TESTING:
    SIGN-UP DURING  1st WEEK OF:  JUNE, OCTOBER AND FEBRUARY.Dates may change so check the Classified Vacancy Announcements frequently!  
    Please note, beginning with the June 2014 lists, ALL TEST WILL BE NEW which means EVERYONE MUST SIGN-UP and TAKE THE NEW TESTS! Old scores will NOT roll forward.

  • All other positions are posted if and when needed, so please check the Classified Vacancy Announcements link frequently!
  • Click here for School Tutor Information.

Updated March 13, 2014

Clearances and Fees

After a recommendation for employment is made, all candidates are required to submit to fingerprint testing and drug screen. You will be required to pay for the service.  The AVUHSD Personnel Office will submit the fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation for analysis*. The present rates are $32 for DOJ only, OR  $49 for DOJ and FBI 


The Personnel Office technician will set an appointment with you to have your fingerprints recorded via "Livescan". This process requires prior authorization and proper forms. Do not proceed unless you have been directed to do so by the Personnel Office. All offers of employment are contingent upon successful clearance as required by California law.

Please note school site volunteers and any program volunteers will also be required to pay for the livescan service and drug testing.  Talk to your school's volunteer coordinator and do not go get prints done on your own as we cannot accept scans or screens from outside agencies.


The technician will also arrange an appointment for the employment candidate to have a drug screen.   You will be required to pay for this service. The present fee for the drug testing is $46. This also requires prior authorization and proper forms. Do not proceed until directed.  Please note, we cannot accept drug screen results from home tests, other agencies or medical centers. The collection and testing must be done at the designated medical center at the date and time you are given by the Personnel Department Technician. Once at the designated center, you will be required to give a small amount of urine. Do NOT drink excessive amounts of water nor fluids prior to your drug test as diluted speciman results will not be accepted.      


Non-teaching classification types including, but not limited to, Paraprofessional, Aide, Custodian, Cafeteria, Maintenance, Groundskeeper and Security must also submit to a complete pre-employment physical. At this time, the district will pay for this process through the contracted medical provider. Do not proceed until directed. Please note this is subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE, AVUHSD does not make any money nor profit from the clearance process fees you pay. The technician which handles your Livescan does NOT make any earnings nor credits of any sort from the clearance process.  The technician that handles your fingerprints has already been specially cleared beforehand by the state of California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to roll fingerprints via the Livescan computer. 

AVUHSD does not keep the fees you pay.  All monies you make payable to "AVUHSD" on the money order are then forwarded directly by district accountants to the state DOJ, FBI and/or medical agency for the clearances you are having performed. All fees are non-refundable regardless of clearance status as the fees you pay GO TO the state DOJ, FBI, and/or medical lab for drug testing.  The rates listed are the fees as charged by the state DOJ, FBI or medical agency, and are subject to change. We can accept money orders only and the technician will advise you the correct amount to obtain on the money order at the time of processing.
(For security purposes we do NOT accept cash, no personal checks, no private company checks, no atm/debit, no credit cards ). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Personnel Services Office technician. We look forward to speaking with you!















Clearance Information as of Jan 2008 ; Fee Update as of March 19, 2012




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