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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather?

To AVUHSD Employees:

In the event schools are closed due to inclement weather, Regular Employees will be notified as in the past or may check through the established routine such as local radio stations for any inclement weather closures.  Please note: Substitutes, tutors, coaches and any other as-needed staff would not receive a tele-recording,  but should also listen to the Local Radio Stations (ex. KTPI 97.7 or KMIX 106.3) or other appropriate available media outlets in the morning to see if schools are open or closed. 

Board Policy: 6118 School Closure - Inclement Weather

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Board Policy/Admin Regulation 6118

Antelope Valley              

Administrative Regulation


AR 6118



School Closure/Inclement Weather


 In the event that climatic conditions are such as schools should be closed, the following procedures apply:

 1.  The decision to close school shall be made as soon as possible, but it must be made no later than 6 a.m.  A tentative decision to close school should be made no later than 5:45 a.m. and only extenuating circumstances prior to 6 a.m. would change such a decision.

 2.  The decision to close school affects all school operations for the entire day and evening.  All athletic schedules, adult education and community use of facilities are affected.

 3.  If conditions occur after the close of the normal workday that would affect adult education and night operations of the school district, the principal of adult education is authorized to make the decision to close that operation.  Community use of facilities is left to the discretion of the individual principal if he/she is unable to secure a decision from district administration.

 4.  When possible, arrangements should be made to have a person at each school and at the district office to handle switchboard operations from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.  Activities and events that are affected by the closing of schools, i.e., athletic teams and events, school activities, community use of facilities, etc., should be notified of the curtailment of all activities.

 5.  Directors of site operations should report to the respective school sites to make recommendations to the business office for on-site cleanup and preparations prior to students returning to school (shoveling snow, cleaning sidewalks of ice, etc.).

 6.  The district will notify radio stations of the decision for widespread dissemination regarding closure of schools.  In contacting news sources, all schools should be mentioned in such releases including adult education and continuation school.  Additionally, the announcement should include a statement regarding the curtailment of all activities throughout the district.  Only the Superintendent or designee is authorized to contact radio stations according to a preexisting system of communication.

 7.  After the decision has been made to close or leave schools in operation, the Superintendent or designee will notify the Assistant Superintendents and the principals of this decision so they may relay the information to the appropriate sources.

 8.  Any decision to close schools or curtail activities is effective for the current day only.  Each day requires a separate notification and decision regarding the conditions that exist.

 9.  Closing schools and/or early dismissal must be coordinated with the Director of Transportation and at least Superintendents or designees of Palmdale and Lancaster.



approved:  November 13, 1990                          Lancaster, California


Antelope Valley              

Board Policy


  BP 6118



 School Closure/Inclement Weather


The Board of Trustees deems it important to close schools because of inclement weather for the safety of staff and students.  Therefore, it is expected that the administration will develop guidelines, procedures, and criteria for the closing of system schools due to inclement weather.



adopted:  November 13, 1990                          Lancaster, California